Water Pollution Awareness


What is Water Pollution?

Water Pollution is a problem that has increased over the years.

Picture of Water Pollution

Picture of action

To keep water clean, there are many things to do to help. People can prevent water pollution of nearby by river and lakes as well as groundwater and drinking water by doing the following.

First, conserve water by turning off the tap when running water is not necessary. This prevents water shortages and reduces the amount of contaminated water that needs to be treated.
Second, be careful about what is thrown down the sink or toilet, do not throw paints, oils, or other forms of litter down the drain. Use environmental household products, such as washing powder, household cleaning agents and toiletries.

Third, take great care in to not to overuse pesticides and fertilizers. This will prevent runoffs of the material into nearby water sources. While doing this, keep in mind to plant more plants in the garden preventing fertilizer, pesticides and contaminated water from running off into nearby water sources.

Lastly, do not throw litter into rivers, lakes or oceans, help clean up any litter seen on beaches or in rivers and lakes, make sure it is safe and collect the litter and put to in a nearby dustbin.