Water Pollution Awareness

What if?

What is Water Pollution?

Water Pollution is a problem that has increased over the years.

Picture of Water Pollution

Picture of a landfill

There are many types of water pollution that can affect marine life: oil, garbage, and chemicals. They can all affect marine life in many ways. Some might even end the world if we don’t respond. Oil affects animals and plants. Oil covers the surface of the water, causing shade for the coral reefs. This prevents photosynthesis from happening to mean that the coral will die. Oil also may get onto animals (like birds) making them too heavy for flying and the bird would most likely starve. Oil may also get into animals in the water, the oil could get into the gills causing suffocation. Long-term damages for oil in marine life are cancer, failure of the reproductive system, and the effect on the food chain. This will kill a lot of marine life and can impact the food chain by having less food for everyone to eat.

Garbage especially plastic is enough to end the world if we continue throwing plastic and garbages in the water. Plastic is the main concern because many marine animals may be confused and eat the plastic. This would cause the animal to suffocate and die. Furthermore, plastic and other debris take ages to be naturally decomposed. The decomposition process uses oxygen, meaning that there will not be enough oxygen for the marine animals in the water breaking the food chain once again.

Chemicals are also a dangerous source of pollution. Chemicals will not dissolve into the water and sink to the bottom of the ocean. The animals near the bottom may accidentally ingest it. These chemicals will cause problems in the reproductive system and will travel up the food chain. After, they may be ingested by humans.

With all of these factors together it may end up destroying the ecosystem and end all life on earth. According to “The Guardian” the planet may end to all of our mistakes around 2050. So if nothing happens soon, all life on earth may end.